Get Involved

We offer a Community Life Group for College-Aged Young Adults to engage in. We also encourage College-Aged Young Adults to attend our 9:00am All-Church Gathering on Sunday mornings. 

Community Life Groups

Our College-Aged Young Adults Group meets Sunday mornings, 10:45am, in Room 107 of the Worship Center. This Community Life Group is open to everyone. If you are interested or have questions regarding this Community Life Group, please email Alicia Riley.

Sunday Mornings • 10:45am • Worship Center Room 107

The Sunday morning Community Life Group is discussion based, allowing for the hard questions to be asked as we draw closer to Christ and make our faith our own. We also learn to live out the call God has placed on each of our lives. 

All-Church Gatherings

The Gatherings are a time for the people of Crossroads to come together and celebrate life in Christ. It's a time for realigning to God's purposes, be inspired to action, prepare for service and unite as the body of Christ. Crossroads offers two Gathering times on Sunday mornings: 9:00am and 10:45am. The College-Aged Young Adults are encouraged to attend the 9:00am Gathering since we hope they will be participating in the 10:45am College-Aged Young Adult Community Life Group session. The musical style of our Gatherings is guitar-driven, and mostly consists of contemporary choruses. All of our Gatherings include scripture reading, prayer, and teaching.