Thank you for your interest in being baptized at Crossroads! We believe baptism is a sacrament of the Church and are excited to begin the journey with you in preparation for your baptism. 


  • ATTEND the “What We Believe About Baptism” class. REGISTER HERE
  • FILL OUT a BAPTISMAL CANDIDATE FORM to let us know you are interested in baptism and to share your story with us. After you fill out this form, a Pastor will get in contact with you and together move forward towards baptism.
  • MEET WITH your Pastoral Mentor to begin a discipleship plan.
  • BE BAPTIZED at the Big Baptism Bash.

If you are not ready to begin the baptism process, or have already been baptized, but are still interested in attending the “What We Believe About Baptism” class you may register for the class only. 



  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • An understanding of the significance of baptism
  • An ongoing pursuit of continued discipleship 


We commit to partnering with you on this journey. Through one-on-one mentoring, it is our hope that each baptismal candidate will be able to live out their Christian faith in a dynamic and powerful way.