Galveston Community Partnerships

The Galveston Community Partnership represents several different partnerships of Crossroads focused on helping the Galveston Elementary School and families within a 1 mile radius of the school. Some of the partnerships include reading to 3rd and 4th grade classes once a week, being a pen pal to a first grader, participating in the Back to School Drive, volunteering at For Our City Day, and the English as a Second Language class that is held on Crossroads campus Thursdays at 7:00pm.

To be included in the conversations about these ministries to Galveston Elementary School and the surrounding community, join the Galveston Community Partnership group.

Pregnancy Care Center

Pregnancy Care Center provides free services including pregnancy test, options counseling, referrals and resources as well as ultrasounds. There are opportunities to volunteer at the center, counseling those facing an unexpected pregnancy, teaching classes that help parents feel more confident and equipped, and to support the PCC in other ways. To be part of the Crossroads efforts to support the Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler and Gilbert join the Pregnancy Care Center group on CRNAZ online.

The Yellow Bag Ministry

A partnership with AZCEND in collection and distribution of food. Yellow Bags are located near the entry/exit doors of the Worship Center. The collection bin, where filled bags are returned, is there also.