The Mercy Project seeks to encourage community development in our city enabling Crossroads to journey with individuals and families through life, demonstrating the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

Family Promise 

Through this partnership our church hosts temporarily homeless children and their families for 1 week, 3 times a year on our campus. It is a week long hosting of families with children in our gymnasium. Our willingness to support transitioning families through a warm meal, conversation, a safe place to sleep, and time together is an unique opportunity for our church to reach into the mess and provide a glimmer of Christ's love and hope. We provide the basics while the Family Promise Day Center provides the tools and resources for the parents to transition out of homeless into stability, employment, homes, education, and other measures of health and wellbeing. 

More infromation about Family Promise can be found on their website.  To be part of the Crossroads hostings, set up or tear down, join the CRNAZ online Family Promise group.

IHELP (Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program) 

Crossroads provides dinner and a safe, temperate place to sleep for homeless adults in Chandler, as a part of the IHELP program. We currently host the IHELP program 2 nights monthly – the 2nd Sunday and 4th Thursday. Volunteers help by preparing parts of dinner, help serve dinner, and then eat with the guests. These seemingly small gestures remind the guests of their value, dignity, and place in the Kingdom. Guests stay at a different Chandler church each night, experiencing the love of Christ through a unified body of believers. 

For more information on the non-profit IHELP is managed through, visit the AZCEND website.  To learn more about Crossroads involvement in IHELP, join the CRNAZ online IHELP group.