Our vision for LifeCare is to provide care for the people of Crossroads in times of crisis or transition. Below is a list of services we provide. 

LifeCare Services


Counseling at Crossroads is biblically-based and includes diagnostics, education, and support along the pathway to wholeness. The body is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Wholeness can only be achieved if all four aspects are addressed. At Crossroads, we provide a safe and confidential counseling environment. CLICK HERE to learn more about our counseling services. 

SURRENDERING THE SECRET   (Studies scheduled through Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler)

This is an 8-week study to help find healing from the heartbreak of abortion. This group is offered through our partnership with the Pregnancy Care Center in Chandler (PCC). For more information please contact the Pregnancy Care Center office at 480.374.2994.


The mission of Crossroads is to “Love God. Love Each Other. Love the World.” This mission is also accomplished when we visit the sick who now require hospitalization. Crossroads has a hospital visitation ministry to do just that. If you know of anyone among us who needs this kind of ministry while they are in the hospital, please let us know. CLICK HERE to request a hospital visit or call the church office at 480.722.0700. Please let us know the name of the hospitalized person, the date or expected date of their admission to the hospital, and the name of the hospital.