Children’s Bible Quizzing is a Bible study for elementary children. It is important to help children know what the Bible says so they can demonstrate biblical teachings in real life situations. There is a six-year rotation in the Children’s Bible Quizzing study series that have been specifically chosen for children to gain an overarching understanding and chronology of the Bible. This school year we will be studying the book of Acts.

In Children’s Bible Quizzing, each child challenges himself or herself to reach award levels. In this approach, children quiz against a base of knowledge, not each other. The multiple-choice method of competition allows every child to answer every question. This approach makes it possible for every child to score a perfect score.

Practices are held Sundays at 9:00am in Room 101 of Kids Kingdom.   PLEASE NOTE  This is not designed to be a replacement for the Children's Gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do All Children of All Ages Participate Together?

There are two levels of Children’s Bible Quizzing.

  • RED Level is designed for first through third grade.
  • BLUE Level is designed for fourth through sixth grade. 

What Are the Monetary Expectations?

Crossroads will purchase a study guide and a Scripture Book for each child.  Families will have the opportunity to purchase a Scripture CD that puts this year’s 20 Bible Memory Verses to song, and a shirt that we will all wear to competitions.  Parents will be responsible for getting their children to and from competitions and to provide a lunch. 

Is Competition Required?

No. Competition is an optional part of the Children’s Bible Quizzing ministry. Each child/family can decide if they want to participate in a series of competition events.

When and Where Are the Quiz Competitions?

The quiz meets are held at churches throughout Arizona.  Locations have not all been set.  The dates are September 21, November 17, January 26 and March 16 – If you child qualifies, the final quiz is April 13.

What Are the Commitment Expectations?

Families that are part of the Crossroads Quizzing program need to commit that they will study the curriculum throughout the week and quiz their children on their questions regularly.  Children need to commit that they will give their best effort during the time we have together on a Sunday morning.  We understand that all families will have times away due to vacations and sickness, but we expect that you will make class attendance a priority.